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Whether you want to:

  • improve your health and well being by getting outdoors
  • start growing your own vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants
  • learn more about gardening, rural and flower crafts
  • book talks or demonstrations
  • find out 1001 other things about plants, flowers and gardens…

Sage Gardener can help

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What We Do

We have what we call a ‘friendly’ garden at a place called Eagle Hall. Here you can ‘get friendly’ with gardening, the natural environment and other people wishing to do the same things.
The site is deep in the Lincolnshire countryside, between Lincoln and Newark and has woodland, meadow and garden areas. We are friendly and flexible and help you learn about, and benefit from, gardening and other stuff related to the countryside. We always try to do this in a way that suits you best for example we run sessions devoted to those living with dementia and their carers. We also aim to be as friendly as we can to the environment and are interested in doing things ‘the old way’.
We are hoping to be able to offer overnight stays in the woods in environmentally friendly pods in the not too distant future. Watch out for details.
The site is rather run down in places so there’s a lot to do but we are working hard sorting it out. If you’d like the experience of helping out on the site or offering relevant activities for people as a volunteer let us know.

On site we currently offer:

  • friendship days for people living with dementia and their carers
  • carers wellbeing workshops
  • family fun days
  • group visits and gardening and craft learning sessions

We offer our services off-site by:

  • giving talks to garden and flower clubs, WIs, and other groups
  • providing help and advice to community gardens and other community projects

We also make stuff, like flower arrangements, bird boxes etc., that we sell to help keep us running. Details of these, and the sessions we are offering at a particular time, can be found on the Sage Products page.

If you want to keep up with what we are doing then have a look at the Interesting Stuff page.

If you have any ideas about things we could do or want to come along and help please contact us.
If you do contact us your data and security is very important to us so we have a new Protection Policy, a copy of which can be found in the Interesting Stuff section. However if you ever have any concerns please contact us to review or remove you data.

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What We Are

Sage Gardener is a Community Interest Company. It’s objective will be to provide members of the community and others with opportunities to:

  • engage with, and learn about, activities set in the natural environment.
  • provide support to groups and individuals from local communities by delivering talks, advice and training on gardening, flower and rural crafts, and other related topics.
  • develop a centre for members of the local community providing the resources and facilities to: * improve their health and personal well-being and reduce their stress by engaging with the natural, green environment, meeting others and sharing experiences_ * engage in, and learn about, gardening, flower and rural crafts, and related topics._ * act as a social hub enabling people/volunteers to spend time in the natural environment with those of like-minds_

Its Directors are Dave Newman, Jane Newman, Robert Smith and Gary Barber
Dave and Jane Newman have:

  • 2 lifetimes of experience in horticulture, floristry and related industries
  • over 25 years each of experience in teaching and training
  • owned and worked for a number of commercial and public sector organisations and education providers including Riseholme College, the county land-based education provider for Lincolnshire.
  • they are both formally qualified to Level 5 in Horticulture
    Dave also has extensive experience in the development of learning programmes and research in both horticulture and education holding a Doctorate in Lifelong Education from Nottingham University.
    Jane has taught floristry across the world and has extensive experience working with people with mental health and life challenges.

Robert Smith has a wealth of experience in the electrical and building trade fields.
Gary Barber has extensive experience in the financial and retail sectors.

The directors are supported by a Management Board including other relevant people as well as representatives from the CIC’s volunteers and participants.
All directors may be contacted via the email address and phone numbers listed in Contacts below.

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Contact Us

Sage Gardener

07714 652915 Dave 07707 325016 Jane

01522 872110

45 Helsby Road, Lincoln. LN5 8SN