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  • book visits, talks, or demonstrations
  • arrange to hire parts of the site
  • find out 1001 other things about plants, flowers and gardens and nature…
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What We Do

Deep in the countryside between Lincoln and Newark within woodland and meadows is our Friendly Garden (at The Lodge, Eagle Hall). Here you can get involved with gardening, the natural environment and other people wishing to do the same things. We are friendly and flexible and help you learn about, and benefit from, gardening and other stuff related to the countryside. We are also as kind as we can be to the environment and are interested in doing things in the old ways.

Here you can get friendly with gardening, the natural environment and other people wishing to do the same things.

We offer so much, including –

  • friendship days – for older people
  • creative, healthy lifestyles, gardening and well-being workshops
  • family fun days and events
  • group visits and a range of topical learning sessions
  • Woodfit woodland exercise programme

What We Are

Sage Gardener is a Community Interest Company; providing members of the community and many others with opportunities to improve their health and well-being with resources and facilities to:

  • reduce stress by engaging with the natural, green environment
  • meet others and share experiences
  • enable people to learn about gardening, flowers, rural crafts, and related topics
  • enable people to spend time and socialise in the natural environment with those of like-minds
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About the Team

The Directors; Dave Newman, Jane Newman, Robert Smith, and Gary Barber are supported by representatives from the CIC’s volunteers and participants.

Dave and Jane Newman have 2 lifetimes of experience in horticulture, floristry and related industries, and over 25 years each of experience in teaching and training, and are both formally qualified to Level 5 in Horticulture.

Any of the directors can be contacted via the Contact Form.

Dave Newman

Vast experience in developing learning programmes and research in both horticulture and education. He holds a Doctorate in Lifelong Education from Nottingham University.

Jane Newman

She has taught floristry across the world and has extensive experience working with people with mental health and life challenges.

Robert Smith

A wealth of experience in the electrical and building trade fields as well as running successful small businesses.

Gary Barber

Substantial experience in the financial and retail sectors., and operating at a range of levels and building experience over time.

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