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Sage Gardener CIC Natural Sensory Garden & Outdoor Green Gym
The Big Lottery has funded The Sensory garden and green gym project. This gives people, who may be struggling with life, opportunities to experience the relaxing and therapeutic properties of the natural environment whilst learning new skills. This is achieved by undertaking planned visits to our woodland garden where they can take part in gardening, volunteering and craft activities and meet new friends or simply relax amongst the trees and plants

We feel that by encouraging sensual, mental and physical personalised experiences, workshops and activity in a safe environment it will help people to improve wellbeing, prevent health deterioration, inspire healthy eating and friendship, help alleviate rural isolation and engage with nature and wildlife

Jane Newman Director of Sage Gardener CIC said
“The green gym and a sensory garden will support a variety of people to undertake new experiences and develop existing senses whilst learning how to get fit/stay fit within their own personal programme.
Healthy eating and eco-therapy workshops will be available to support people with a range of health needs including anxiety, carers, self-development and personal goals. These will be delivered within the gardens and encourage people to improve their wellbeing – Speaking from personal experience I know this is such an important aspect in this busy and stressful world”

Brian Chandler – Volunteer with Sage Gardener CIC said
“The gardens and gardening give me peace of mind and an escape especially when I am struggling with my mental health. I love working within the gardens, woodland and supporting the people to get the best from the outdoor world. The sensory garden and green gym will be of huge benefit to the local community and current attendees.”

Mathew Adshead – Volunteer with Sage Gardener CIC said
“Sage Gardener is a wonderful place to be. There is so much to be learnt, the people are fantastic to work with and the gardens are very peaceful environment which helps me to relax in my day to day life. I’m pleased more people are going to gain skills and enjoy the gardens”.

What will we do
The grant will be used to construct a sensory garden and trail including “natural wooden outdoor gym” activity areas at The Lodge, Eagle Hall LN6 9HZ. The venue, which is in a rural location, offers a place to meet and engage in planned varied physical and social activities, including gardening, rural crafts and healthy eating, which help to reduce loneliness and isolation.
The gym and sensory areas have been designed by and will be constructed by volunteers. The main path will be built by a contractor with volunteer help.
A regular schedule of workshops and activities will be put in place (fun/friendship, get fit and stay fit) and enhance existing friendship programmes.
These will include a variety gardening activities, healthy eating, how to help yourself get fit, balance, sit ups, steps, tree squats, outdoor workout, dementia memory, friendship and fitness sessions, fitness through gardening, wildlife watching, growing herbs & vegetables to eat etc.
This project will enhance sensory stimulation and, physical activity as well as :-

• enabling the engagement and development of volunteers to build the facilities and support beneficiaries and encourage peer uptake alongside their own training and learning
• enabling the engagement of experienced staff to:
o offer workshops and training
o oversee building,
o support volunteer development and wellbeing
• providing transport and contribute to volunteers travel expenses
• Providing volunteer refreshments and ingredients to encourage healthy eating
• Enabling the production of marketing materials and information boards
• Providing materials to build the Sensory areas to include: garden – landscape materials, accessories and plants
• Materials for a 15m long disability friendly access route from car park to sensory trail – Timber and hardware to make outdoor gym and sensory facilities
Sage Gardener CIC contact:

Mobile: 07714 652915 (Dave Newman) 07707 325016 (Jane Newman)
Contact: Jane Newman
email :
telephone : 07707325016
website :
facebook: sagegardener@CIC
twitter : janenewman@sagegardeneagle
Instagram : sage_gardener

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