Garden Talks

Garden Talks

A variety of garden talks are available. Topics are varied and usually delivered in short sessions of about 1hr. Bookings, or further details, may made by contacting Sage Gardener by email or phone.

This Month/Season in the Garden Talk relevant to the time of year about plants looking good and jobs to do

Composting Talk on making garden and other types of compost

Organic Growing A talk on organic growing methods and their application

Life in the Victorian Garden A talk on the people, plants and methods used in Victorian gardens

Ericaceous plants A talk on the range and growing methods of ericaceous garden plants

Climbers A talk on the range and growing methods of ornamental climbing plants

Herbs A talk on plants with medicinal and culinary uses and their cultivation

Small Scale Food Production Ideas for growing vegetables and fruit in small spaces for those who are new to growing or those that are having to scale down

Propagation Talks about the various methods of propagation;
• growing plants from seed
• growing plants from cuttings

Wildlife Gardening A talk on plants and techniques that can be used to encourage native wildlife into the garden.

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